CoopLab 3D is a 11-years-old trademark (2005-2016). We're the pioneer and unique in Việt Nam who has the full R&D and successful commercialization of many kinds of 3D display products

  3D polarize projection system

 The 3D polarize technology is the most advanced and best quality cinema projection technology nowaday. CoopLab 3D have started the R&D of 3D polarizefrom 2005 and have commercialized from 2010.  Our product won the national award of technical innovation in 2014, and have been presented on the nationnal TV channels many time. We've designed, supplied and set up over 80 3D commercial cinema rooms with polarize technology in many cities and provinces. So we're now one of the biggest 3D cinema equipment suppliers in Vietnam. Our 3D systems use the silver screen from 100 to 250 inches (530 x 300cm) for maximum 300 seats. The 3D movie using for the system is 3D SBS Full-HD format.

Press talk about us

 - VTV2 9/2014 (7 ngày Công nghệ): Para3D - Giải pháp xem phim 3D không cần kính trên LCD PC
 - Danh sách phòng chiếu phim 3D đã lắp đặt
 - VTV1 4/2014: (Công nghệ và đời sống): Trào lưu lắp đặt phòng chiếu phim 3D
 - VTV2 4/2014: (7 ngày Công nghệ): Nội địa hóa hệ thống chiếu phim 3D công nghệ phân cực
 - VTV2 4/2014 (THTT): CoopLab 3D đạt giải nhì sáng tạo kỹ thuật toàn quốc VIFOTEC 2012-2013
 - INFO TV 10/ 2011:  Trào lưu  cafe 3D - Một phong cách sống mới  
 - VTV2 11/2010: Công nghệ 3D phân cực  và ứng dụng của người Việt
 - VTV2 2/2008: Phỏng vấn trực tuyến TS Phạm Hồng Dương về công nghệ và nghệ thuật ảnh nổi 3D (phần 1) / (phần 2) / (phần 3)
 - Tiền phong: Ảnh ba chiều Việt Nam: Lần đầu ra phố
 - SGGP: Ảnh 3D - Vượt trội về chất lượng  
 - Việt Báo: Tranh nổi 3D - món quà cho bạn
 - Vnexpress: Công nghệ nhiếp ảnh 3D đầu tiên ở Việt Nam
 - VTV2 2007: Kỳ diệu ảnh nổi 3D (phần 1)(phần 2)

 - VTV1 2006: Giới thiệu về ảnh 3D

  Para3D - An amazing accessory for LCD PC to watch 3D movie and 3D photo without 3D glasses

  You'd like watching 3D movie but feeling uncomfortable with 3D glasses? You'd like to watch 3D movie on your LCD PC? Para3D - developped by CoopLab 3D - is a perfect solution to satisfy both demands.

  Para3D is a clear Parallax Barrier sheet. Put it stand forward the LCD screen, you can see the 3D effects without 3D glasses. The 3D source is SBS or OU 3D movies, play by KMPlayer. You can see the 3D photo by the same way. We've many size of Para3D corresponding to common LCD desktop and laptop size. The price of Para3D is affordable for everyone. See detail

3D lenticular photo

  • 3D lenticular photo is so called integrated image contributed from 10-20 photos of consecutive viewing angles.

  •  Because of lenticular effect, each eye of observer can receive the separated left-right images from 10-20 above frames → The 3D stereo effect is as well as watching 3D cinema, but without 3D glasses.

  • Maximum print size of 3D lenticular photo is 107cm x 120cm

  • The 3D lenticular photo can be built from your digital 2D photo (family photo, landscape photo, ...)

  • Printed with Epson UltraChrome K3 ink and coated by ultraviolet-resistant material, our 3D lenticular photo is eternal for you.

Our 3D lenticular products have been presented and honored by many press channels. Started from a research lab, our 3D lenticular photo become a valuable gift in Vietnam art market.

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